Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moving on up!

Well, I'm failing at this blogging thing, but I'm going to keep at it. Today I am 26 weeks! It doesn't feel like it's been that long! I can feel Angus get stronger every day! He is *almost* kicking me in the ribs now! Colin and I really enjoy feeling him kick and punch and move around in there. It's neat to feel something that you made actually move and react to you! Angus and I have a fun game where I poke my tummy and he kicks me back, great mother/son bonding time already! I also make sure I play James Taylor daily, he will learn what good music is, quite young! I'm also officially in the double digit countdown! I was beginning to feel like I don't have much time to set stuff up, although I know that's nesting talking haha! But not being able to put stuff together, get stuff for my little man and make sure that I have all the stuff I need was getting to be frustrating! On top of all that I was beginning to feel so cluttered in this apartment, sure it's a big apartment, but Colin has gathered 29 years of stuff, and I have gathered 21 years of it. Total that's like 50 years of gathering stuff! Ok, so it's not THAT bad yet, but my kitchen was the worst part. I didn't have a place to put my big cookie sheets and cake pans other than on the counter! No pantry means that food goes in clear storage boxes or the table. Which brings me to the most exciting part... WE ARE MOVING! It's just 3 min. away, still in my ward, but it's a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home! The backyard has lots of room for us to garden and BBQ and have friends over. The kitchen has a pantry, plenty of cabinet space, and lots more counter space! It also comes with a nice microwave, way better than what we have and it's an over the oven one! Angus' nursery is literally right next to our room. And we will have plenty of room in our bedroom for a bassinet! For a "starter" house, it's a pretty good one! We aren't just getting a step up in living conditions, more like 10 steps up! Every time we go there and drop stuff off we just wish we could stay there for good and we both have big goofy grins on our face! 

In other news, I have my 3D/4D ultrasound on Dec. 5th! Not only am I super excited to see my handsome little boy, I get to see my parents! We planned it so that they could come to it! I haven't had my family around much for the pregnancy which makes me sad :( so I made sure to plan it so they could be here for it! They are both really excited! And I'm super excited because I miss my family! They also never got to go to an ultrasound for themselves, since both me and Emma are adopted, so I figured next best thing is to have them come to one to see their very first grandchild! And when they come they will have their own room to sleep in! All in all, life is good and exciting! We are SO blessed!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

As Fate Would Have It!

So before I get to the fun stuff, lets get the pregnancy stuff out of the way, which is also fun, but that's not "news" anymore. Everyone knows I'm pregnant :) Today I am a whopping 24 weeks! Only 3 more till I'm in the homestretch, the THIRD trimester! And in 13 days I will only have 99 days till I meet my little Angus! I have this strange feeling he is going to come early though. Just a feeling, call it Mothers Intuition. About a week or so ago Colin and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and Angus started kicking like crazy!!! I feel him kick a lot, but this was just, different! Usually he likes to stop when Colin tries to feel but he had his hand on my tummy for a good 5-7 minutes and Angus was kicking really hard the whole time! I had to try not to laugh and ruin it because Colin's reactions were just so cute! They consisted of lots of "wow", "that was a strong one", and "geez kid!". And now to embarrass my husband a little, he admittedly had his hand on my belly one night after I fell asleep and he said that Angus was kicking pretty hard and he wondered how I was even able to sleep through it. I guess I've just got used to it :)

Here is the fun story, and the reason I have the blog title I do:

Last summer as many of you know Colin and I were working in Alaska. Well the day we found out that Colin did in fact get the job at Maverick it was right before we were getting a flight ready to go. Colin came and pulled me to the back real fast, which he rarely did unless he had something REALLY cool to tell me and told me that in December we would be moving to Henderson! Well, me being as excited as I was went back out and I was telling one of my coworkers about it. This vivacious red headed lady came up to me excitedly and told me that's where she and her husband were from! So of course we chatted and she was telling me how Vegas gets such a bad rap and that it's a terrible place for a family, etc. but that where she and her husband lived and where she grew up was actually a fantastic area. It was a place in Henderson called.... Green Valley! So the time came for groups to be formed, and I was disappointed I didn't have them in mine, but my friend had them in hers and she happened to be the Tour Attendant for.... COLIN! So I told them so they could let him know that they talked to me :) He got a break afterward the tour so the 4 of us were able to talk while they waited for their bus. We exchanged information and said goodbye. After the moves I lost the stuff with their information (moving from AK to WA and then WA to NV is a lot of miles to travel, easy for things to get lost!) Time has passed and this morning I got an email from Debi (the vivacious red head haha) and she was asking if we ended up in Vegas (Henderson=Vegas haha) and that she and her husband hoped that we got settled well and that they were thinking of us and would love to get together and do dinner if we were in Vegas! So of course, I emailed her back telling her we would love to get together! Now, looking back at the place we ended up due to their suggestions was the place we were supposed to live. The Stake we live in is amazing and the Ward is even more amazing! Just more proof to me that Heavenly Father puts people in the right place at the right time to help us along the way. In this case our "angels" were Debbi and Darrell! Without them who knows where we would have ended up. The choice to live in Green Valley literally has affected almost every choice we've made, including getting our sweet kitties! And now, we have the chance to keep nurturing a relationship with them! Who knows what else the future holds!

Friday, October 12, 2012

California Dreamin'

I have this strange feeling that tomorrow I won't want to do this... So I'm doing it a day early! Saturdays SHOULD be my blog days since I have to post my baby update too, so we are going to aim for that every week.. See how well that works out...

So, California. I want to go back to the beach, like, right now! I had NEVER in my life experienced a beach like that. I'd seen the ocean in AK, and the "beach" which is more of a rocky beach, not really one you can take long, barefoot walks on during the sunset... And the waves! Oh the waves were fun! This was the honeymoon Colin and I never got. Not like it was super honeymoon-ish since I have a this baby bump, we've been married for over a year and a half.. Pretty sure we spent more time out of the hotel room than most newly-weds do haha! Pretty much every opportunity we got we were either doing some fun activity, at the beach, or sleeping due to pure exhaustion! Ok, I was sleeping, Colin would be browsing the internet! So the romantic things were mainly outside, like, long walks on the beach at sunset, fancy dinners, spending time out on the ocean on a boat, playing in the waves like two kids, going to the zoo and SeaWorld. Definitely exciting and fun and definitely something that Colin and I needed! We don't have much alone "us" time left since our Angus will be joining us shortly! This was our first real vacation together since being married. We have moved a lot, and seen a lot, but we have never just up and left for a few days together to go do fun stuff like that! Best part, Colin was paid while we were gone! SCORE! Paid vacations are the bomb!

First day we went to the San Diego Zoo. That place is massive.... I really enjoyed it, but I was miserable by the end. My feet hurt, my back hurt, I was grumpy due to some jerkface seeing that I was standing, watching the pandas and DELIBERATELY coming and standing in front of me to take a picture... that is playing with fire boys and girls... Don't piss off a tired, sore, hungry pregnant woman, EVER. But overall I really enjoyed it! Would I go again... eh not unless someone rented me an electric wheel chair. I'm sure Angus will want to go eventually, so I probably don't have any choice. I did however find my favorite bear of all time. The Sloth Bear. Oh. My. Gosh. Cutest thing ever! And he dances!

Next day we decided to go to SeaWorld. I enjoyed that MUCH more. It's so much more interactive and educational! Plus, there are plenty of air conditioned buildings and places to sit! I was SUPER excited about the penguins! I love penguins, a lot! If Colin would let me I would have a zoo, full of penguins! He keeps saying no, but I will never stop asking haha! We fed Sea Lions, saw "One Ocean" and "Blue Horizons", trained a sea star to "stay", and pet Bat Rays. I think that was my favorite part out of all of it! The shows were amazingly fantastic, but when we were petting the bat rays this one little guy came up to my hand and put his head right into it wanting me to pet him! It was an incredible feeling to bond with a creature like that. Colin had a bigger one come up and do the same thing. I could have stayed there all day!

My most favorite part of vacation though was going out into the ocean with my Colin and playing in the waves! We got out pretty far, into some fairly strong waves and when the stronger waves would hit we would stand together and hold on for dear life. It reminded me of what a good relationship should be, what we have. We have our disagreements and struggles but when push comes to shove, we will stand together when the waves hit trying to break our family apart. I am so very very blessed that I am married to this wonderful man. He treats me like what I am, a daughter of God. He loves me and respects me. And he works really hard to pay the bills and support me and to pay for amazing vacations! In the words of Queen:

You're the best friend that I ever had
I've been with you such a long time
You're my sunshine and I want you to know
That my feelings are true
I really love you
Oh you're my best friend

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halfway there and Livin' on a Prayer

Well boys and girls, I've survived half of my pregnancy! Go me! Colin survived it too, but other than occasional mood swings and having to bring me home what I'm craving... correction... what ANGUS is craving..  he has had it pretty easy! Flip, I've had it pretty easy! Only one little bout of morning sickness, a few weeks of awful headaches, fatigue, and heartburn and I'm halfway done. This pregnancy is so easy! But I'm not holding my breath that the next one will be, so keep in mind that I said this was easy and feel free to rub it in my face when I'm complaining about who knows what next time around. But I feel I deserve an easy pregnancy after all the downright awful pain I felt every month for years, and the year plus I spent trying to even get pregnant! Especially due to the crazy events 76 days prior to getting pregnant. Excuse me for a second while I go knock on wood.... If I don't this pregnancy is sure to get difficult haha.

Oke doke, I'm back! So, what does being 20 weeks pregnant feel like for Hannah McDaniel? Something like this.....

Kick, kick kick, roll around, kick, roll, kick kick kick kick kick, roll.. Crap bathroom break, run! Kick kick, roll, kick...

Get the point haha? And it's only going to get more intense! I mean, I'm only halfway through! It's one of those moments where you have to decide if you will look at the glass half full or half empty. I choose half full, because even though my darling boy and his kicking sometimes keeps me awake, or makes me randomly get up off the couch and run to the bathroom, it is SO MUCH FUN to feel him wriggling around in there! The other night he was rolling around a lot (and like he is doing as I type this) and it kinda felt like someone taking their fist and rolling it around on your skin, but from the inside of my stomach... Quite bizarre but really cool! Colin was even able to feel him rolling around in there, it was pretty funny. And for a little guy (He's only the size of a small cantelope.. whatever that means lol) he has some pretty strong kicks! That makes me feel good because I know he is healthy.

On an unrelated, well unrelated to me being kicked in the stomach 24/7, the last ultrasound I had where the 3D place confirmed the mistake made by their tech. The tech who was doing this scan told me that I had GREAT amniotic fluid (aka baby pee, but good amniotic fluid is not so urine-y lol) So I told Colin that not only to I make perfect babies, but I help make great amniotic fluid. I'm a Rock-star baby making machine boys and girls!

Something else I am oh so excited about... Angus can hear me talk and sing now AND hear music from the outside! Time to break out the Mozart! I love that I'm involved in church choir so that my little man can hear his mommy sing. I can't wait till he starts responding to his Dad's voice too :)

 Me being pregnant and all, I love to watch shows like "A Baby Story" and I love it when they put the little baby on it's mom for the first time how they just cuddle up into their mom. As Brian Regan said, the first few moments of a baby's life, if you think of it from the baby's perspective, are pretty terrifying. Lets do that now, close your eyes and imagine being a baby being born... Here is how I imagine it: After months of being cuddled up in a warm comfortable place you are now being pushed out of it through something very small, then you get to the cold world, some strange person is grabbing you and everyone is cheering and excited and it's really loud, not muffled like it used to be. Then you have this cord thing that has been stuck to you for months cut off and tied up, how strange! After that you get to be with a familiar sounding voice and be cuddled and loved. That has got to be pretty comforting after all that! And even then the poor little human has to be poked and prodded and stuff. I'm glad I was too young to remember any of that!

Anyways, I think I've rambled on about baby stuff long enough! I will let you all get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Isn't he cute!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well, Surprise!!

My little "Princess" is actually a little PRINCE! Amazing! So that road we took to find out what our little baby is, wasn't over with that last blog! Of all the people that would happen to, it would be me! (Side-note, as I type this Magoo is watching the words appear on the screen and it's oh so interesting. What sort of black magic is that Magoo!? I love my cat.... lol) So how did we find this out you ask? The story is too funny!

We had a regular scheduled ultrasound at my OB office to make sure that our little one was growing and developing the way *he* should. So we get back there and the tech was checking everything out and I decided I needed to have her double check what the sex is. As she is scanning over the privates Colin and I had the same thought as we looked at the screen... "that wasn't there last time" The tech then said "I have news for you two, you are having a boy, not a girl!" So then I showed her the picture of the "girl" parts and she said that it didn't look like girl parts at all and that she would have told us that it looks like a boy but wouldn't have given us a 100% this is what it is thing. Colin and I couldn't stop laughing haha! It was so funny! I have no complaints though. We bought one dress and that's it so it's no big loss! And I go back into this place on Tuesday, they will scan, see it's a boy and then I get either a refund or a free $155 package later in my pregnancy. I choose the free package since Mr. Angus wouldn't cooperate the first two times, maybe we can get better pictures this time :-)

So, long story short.... We are having a boy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

17 Weeks!

Time is flying by! I can't believe that I've been pregnant for 4 months now! It really has been a lot easier than I ever expected it to be! Lets hope the next 3 (hopefully 4) pregnancies are this easy! The one bout of morning sickness I had was enough to make me NEVER want to have it! My little Princess has been growing so fast. I can tell because I feel a lot more round ligament pain than I did before. I'm to the point where sometimes I feel like I've been doing ab workouts! Along with Princess growing, my tummy is growing, which means more pressure on my feet when I'm up and around and my back hurts a lot more. I'm very excited because I get to see her again on the 11th of this month! One of the most beautiful sights in the whole world is watching my little girl kick and punch and bounce, just move around. She is so chill, I hope she stays that way! According to my parents I was a pretty chill little baby and started sleeping through the night at a pretty early age, so maybe she will too, I won't complain if she does :) haha!

I'm so thankful that we are having this little Princess! I just pray every day that we will be able to raise her well and that she always knows how much we love her. I couldn't be happier that we are having her, I know that Heavenly Father sent Colin and I a daughter first because that was what was best for all of us. It's no mistake, it was planned out. That is why I had no hopes for what our little one was. I just wanted what we were supposed to have first, and apparently that was a little girl. That's good enough for me, and if that isn't good enough for anyone else, they can just deal with it. This is OUR baby, and if Colin and I are happy, then everyone else just needs to be happy for us. I only say that because it seemed like a few people were disappointed that it wasn't a boy. If this is what God had planned then that makes her better than any boy. When we get a boy, is when we should have a boy. And that's the truth. She is just as special and exciting as any little boy would be. She is my little miracle. I went to hell and back to get to where I am right now. It wasn't easy! The fact that I even got pregnant when I did is amazing to me. Heavenly Father had his hand in it completely and I feel so blessed and loved by Him because of him. I love my little family :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Girl!

It was a long road to find out what our little person is but the whole road was so fun and special! Nothing better than watching your little baby kick and punch you! One thing that sets her aside from other little ones (at least for the tech) was her bouncing. She looks like she is in a bouncy chair bouncing up and down haha! First time we came in she was doing that and then a week later we come in, and she is in the same position, and she starts bouncing! The tech said: "Oh I remember you now! You have the bouncing baby!" The coolest part for me, being the mom and actually being the one growing this tiny human girl is that when I see the ultrasounds, I see what this little girl is doing in me, it's so neat to see what she is doing that I might not always feel :) I do believe I've felt her move though! I was hesitant to be sure of that at first, but, at my last appointment my doctor asked me if I thought I had felt any movement and I explained to her what I felt and when I felt it and she said she could safely say that was tiny baby kicks (now they only feel like I'm gently scratching my arm with my nails, just from the inside of my belly haha.) I don't feel it often, but if I really sit or lay still and pay attention I can feel it sometimes.

When we FINALLY found out we were having a little girl, we had come back to the ultrasound office and she was in the exact same position as before with  her little legs covering her girly parts. So the tech said, well lets just take a look at the rest of her anatomy and hope she moves enough to see. So we found her little toes, watched her kick and punch, the tech was moving the probe around and all of the sudden she says "It's a girl! Look!" and low and behold, yes she was definitely a girl! It was so exciting! I've already started looking at bedding and color themes etc. I don't know if I want bright and colorful, or classy and subdued. I'm sure I will find something and fall in love with it!

The pregnancy, other than headaches, is SO easy! No complications or anything! I've had morning sickness once and thrown up, but other than that it's been so easy! I have hormonal/emotional moments, but compared to what I could be dealing with, I got the good end of the deal! On Saturday I will only have 5 more months to go! Can't wait to meet my baby girl!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wondering about the new "and counting" part of my title??

So, if you haven't already heard Colin and I are expecting a little one! We are so excited! I thought it was impossible for me to get pregnant when I did due to not having a period for 76 days. Cool right? Yeah, I was pretty depressed there for a while, I was positive I was broken! But lo and behold, June, 14th 2012 I got a positive pregnancy test! I had no symptoms that I can really remember or anything. Went to the doctor, had it confirmed and now that's history!

On July 2nd 2012 We had the first ultrasound! So exciting! We get to the office at 1:45 (google maps told us it'd take 19 minutes to get there, the MotionX GPS on my phone changed that to 10 min haha) and my appointment was at 2. I sign in, we pay, they call back to the Ultrasound Tech, Diane, and about 5 minutes later we were back in the room. Since my last "period" was on March 1st, they had me at 17 weeks along, so she of course was going to try the external ultrasound first. Nothing showed up so she said, "you must be 7 weeks we need to do an internal ultrasound to see the baby" So got all geared up for that and she found the little baby! Before she zoomed in it just looked like this little sac, but it was the cutest little sac ever! Then she zoomed in to that little 1.14 cm. baby and you could make out some small features! She then showed us where the heart was. It's only 1mm! SO SMALL! But boy was it a strong little heart! Baby McDaniel's first heard heartbeat was going strong at 152 bpm! When Colin heard the heartbeat his response was "wow!" Talk about the understatement of the year! I peeked over at Colin for a moment and his face was PRICELESS, on top of the baby, that face makes all the pain, sickness, restless nights and endless bathroom trips worth it! Then she found the face, complete with two little eyesockets and a mouth! Cutest alien baby face ever! Of course I said "aw how cute!" to which Diane responded "only a mother could say that is cute!" I am proud to say that as of today I am a Mother of a 7week 3day old baby who couldn't get more healthy! I look forward to finding out the sex of my little baby so I can start calling "baby" (who I sometimes call my little parasite because on the rare occasion I actually feel somewhat full, 5 min later my tummy is rumbling again!) by his/her name! And most importantly.. I can't wait for Feb. 16th 2013 to meet my little one!

July 26th 2012 we had our second Ultrasound and they got to do the one on the belly! Baby went from 1.14 cm. to 2 in.! It was also being stubborn! The tech tried to get the little fart to move but it just sat there haha. The heart rate was at 159bpm! The baby couldn't be more perfect!

August 1st. 2012 had my second doctors appointment! Doctor listened to the heart beat. Took a minute to find it. All you could hear for a while was my heart beat then all of the sudden you heard a much faster one, that was obviously baby's! Every time I hear the heart beat I am amazed and relieved! I love my little one so much already!

(Something I just realized... I was supposed to be due Feb. 26th! But I decided to come a little late. A little being 11 days... Maybe baby will be 10 days late and come on my original due date haha! This should be interesting! But the coolest part is that my baby was due the same month I originally was due in! Cool eh!?)

Edit: So today I am 12 weeks, I put up my ultrasound pictures on facebook after my second doctors appointment because I was mid 11 weeks and I have had no complications at all. No spotting or awful cramps or anything! It's been a breeze! I definitely look pregnant now! I'm going to be monstrous at 9 months haha! From now on I should be writing blogs after ultrasounds and doctors appointments so they shouldn't be this long anymore! :) I will add some pictures down here at the bottom for everyone's viewing pleasure!

Pregnancy test!

7 week baby! 1.14 cm

Heart beat 152 bpm

10 week baby 2 in.

Heart beat 159 bpm

My favorite picture! So clear and so up close and personal with Baby McDaniel

11/12 week bump!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


This past month has been quite the roller coaster of emotions for me. As many are aware of, my Dad had open heart surgery to replace a bad valve in his heart. I'm glad to say that he is back home and recovering quickly. I learned a lot about myself, and my family during this trial and I got a much stronger testimony of relying on my Heavenly Father to help get us through the tough times.

Colin and I arrived on Tuesday, April 9th so we would be able to spend the next few days with my Dad. Another thing I was thankful for is that my Dad was able to get a blessing from a family member, my sweet husband. My Dad just has us girls, but since I got married, he now has a son-in-law who can give him priesthood blessings. The first week I was home, my parents were in Phoenix. They left on a Thursday, surgery was the next day on Friday (Friday the 13th for that matter, thank goodness we aren't superstitious!) and a week after the surgery he was home. One of the hardest things I've ever had to see in my life was seeing my dad in excruciating pain. To make it worse, there was nothing I could do to make it go away. All I could do was pray and ask Heavenly Father to help my dad have the strength to deal with the pain, or if it was His will, to relieve it a little, which He did both. To make everything harder, I didn't have my husband with me. I had to be the strong one for my sister. I had to be her shoulder to cry on. Thankfully I had a lot of people praying for me as well and that gave me the strength I needed.

To add even more to the mix by the time I got to my parents I was 12 days late, for the second time since I've been trying. The surgery wasn't enough to stress me out to that extent because I KNEW everything would be alright, it wouldn't be easy, but it would be OK. Time went on and still no period, and no positive pregnancy tests either. This is also happening the month where I have reached my "been trying for a year" mark! I even got a blood test done and it came back negative. Today, 35 days later, I still have no period or positive test. I have now missed 2 periods, not just 1. I do however FINALLY have a doctors appointment! I'm praying they will be able to help! It is a giant leap forward after this last month of stepping backward.

This part of my life has been far from easy, and it's still not over. But I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who cares and listens to our prayers AND answers them. I am thankful for family and friends who give love and support during our trials. With Heavenly Father and my family and friends by my side, I know I can get through anything!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday Fun and Moving Torture and a few little updates!

Well, I got to celebrate my birthday for almost an entire week! Started off the Monday before when we drove to my parents place. Now a month or so earlier, my microphone on my phone stopped working so I had to get a bluetooth. When we were stopped in Boulder City getting gas we decided to switch and let me drive to PV since I would have to make the drive alone on the way back. I tried to get my sunglasses out of my purse and they were stuck on something, so of course I did something really stupid and pulled on them really hard and ripped my bluetooth charger in half! Of course! That would happen to me! So it was decided that Tuesday we would go get me a new bluetooth charger or if we couldn't find one, a new bluetooth. Tuesday morning my Dad was changing the name of his Real Estate company so I went with him to help him get the signs out, put new ones up and sign the paperwork for the name change while Colin went to do his flight physical he has to do every year. Once he was done he came and picked me up and we headed off to Best Buy to get my charger/bluetooth. So here we are looking and looking and we learned that they didn't sell replacement bluetooth chargers! They didn't even have the bluetooth I wanted and I figured that if I had to get a whole new one, might as well get the same kind so both me and Colin could have a bluetooth or that I could just have a back up one and they could just share a charger. So we are standing there trying to figure out our next move when Colin said "We might as well just get you your birthday present now! Lets go to Sprint and find you a new phone. Do you want an Iphone or a different type of smart phone?" Boy did that throw me for a loop! We had talked about him getting his upgrade soon and me getting his old phone, but the sneaky boy used that as a cover up so I couldn't guess my present haha. He is so good to me :) So, I got an Iphone! Then we went to lunch at Fuddruckers where my parents gave me a beautiful real pearl necklace (just one pearl on it. It was in a setting called the tulip or something like that, and those are my favorite flowers) with matching earrings. Absolutely gorgeous! Then we went and picked up a few gifts for my BFF Robin who's birthday is a month earlier then mine. I had been planning a surprise double birthday party for the two of us, not a surprise for me obviously, but for her it was! She had no clue ;) I rock like that! Colin and I made a dinner of Pork chops, garlic mashed potato, and creamed broccoli. It was a hit! For dessert my Dad made his dutch oven peach cobbler which was AMAZING! Then we opened gifts and Robin, Emma and I watched Emperors New Groove together, quoting almost every line.

Wednesday we got up, went and got the U Haul and our first stop was at my Dads office to get our new table and chairs! Then we headed to my parents and packed everything else up and we hit the road! After a 4 hour drive (with the only thing I saw the entire trip was a big U Haul truck in front of me.  How boring is that?) we got home and started to get all of the stuff out of the truck and into our apartment (we felt like we had a pretty big place until we got all our boxes into our apartment lol). What a long day. We had the Elders Quorum President come help us move the big things in, but other than that we did it all ourselves! By the end of it we were both tired and grouchy. We tried to return the truck, but we were so tired we couldn't find the drop box for the keys! So we took it back home and turned in for the night. Next day when we returned the truck.... we found the drop slot... in the door. Right where we were looking.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do, we are going to move most of the boxes into the storage place around the corner from us. It's a slow process but it will get done eventually. Thankfully we have OUR bed back now :) That is the sliver lining to the whole thing!

Also, in an earlier post I told y'all that Colin and I were trying to get pregnant. It has now been almost 11 months of trying. Next month we will have insurance so I am going to go to the doctor, but we are no longer officially trying. If it happens, it happens. Colin is going to have to work a really busy summer and I just need a break from the stress of it all.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day in Prescott!

So this Valentines Day was our first as a married couple but our THIRD as a couple. Yeah I know, crazy! Our first and second valentines day we didn't have any money to our names so we did it small scale, this year was different! On Friday, Colin got paid, we paid all of our bills and STILL had money to burn! So Colin said "How about we go to Prescott next week?" Of course I was ALL over that! So Monday afternoon (after the longest weekend of my life haha) we headed to Prescott (Which felt like the longest drive of my life! I really wanted to go home!) Next morning we went out to breakfast with one of Colin's old coworkers so Colin could help him study for his new job. After that we went our separate ways to get stuff for each other for Valentines Day. I had already gotten him Skyrim the Saturday before so that he could play it as soon as he got it and he wouldn't have to wait till Wednesday afternoon. I still wanted to give him something other than a card ON Valentines Day (I like to spoil my husband) I had no idea what to get him though! So I enlisted the help of my Dad (smartest idea EVER). He suggested getting him a new wallet, which I thought was a genius idea. So we headed to Kohls and started the search. Long story short, we found him a really nice, cool looking, leather wallet that had a lot of storage space (which he needs). We met him at my dads office and he showed up with a beautiful arrangement of Tulips (my favorite flower). He picked the tulips out and the florist put them together. She liked the two types of tulips he picked so much that she is going to make more arrangements like that! (So if you see Yellow and red tulip arrangements in Safeway in Prescott Valley Colin came up with it just for me! Cute huh?) Now if that wasn't enough he went into Bath and Body Works by himself and got me bath salts, lotion, and a candle (that were all Vanilla Verbana, which he picked because he liked it. Probably good because he is the one that has to smell me most of the time lol) and of course he got me a card (which was SUPER sweet!) At 4 we went to dinner with my family at Prescott Brewing Company so Colin could get his favorite burger of all time, the Burmister. It was by far the best Valentines day I've ever had! I'm looking forward to many more of them with my Forever Valentine.