Friday, June 29, 2012

Wondering about the new "and counting" part of my title??

So, if you haven't already heard Colin and I are expecting a little one! We are so excited! I thought it was impossible for me to get pregnant when I did due to not having a period for 76 days. Cool right? Yeah, I was pretty depressed there for a while, I was positive I was broken! But lo and behold, June, 14th 2012 I got a positive pregnancy test! I had no symptoms that I can really remember or anything. Went to the doctor, had it confirmed and now that's history!

On July 2nd 2012 We had the first ultrasound! So exciting! We get to the office at 1:45 (google maps told us it'd take 19 minutes to get there, the MotionX GPS on my phone changed that to 10 min haha) and my appointment was at 2. I sign in, we pay, they call back to the Ultrasound Tech, Diane, and about 5 minutes later we were back in the room. Since my last "period" was on March 1st, they had me at 17 weeks along, so she of course was going to try the external ultrasound first. Nothing showed up so she said, "you must be 7 weeks we need to do an internal ultrasound to see the baby" So got all geared up for that and she found the little baby! Before she zoomed in it just looked like this little sac, but it was the cutest little sac ever! Then she zoomed in to that little 1.14 cm. baby and you could make out some small features! She then showed us where the heart was. It's only 1mm! SO SMALL! But boy was it a strong little heart! Baby McDaniel's first heard heartbeat was going strong at 152 bpm! When Colin heard the heartbeat his response was "wow!" Talk about the understatement of the year! I peeked over at Colin for a moment and his face was PRICELESS, on top of the baby, that face makes all the pain, sickness, restless nights and endless bathroom trips worth it! Then she found the face, complete with two little eyesockets and a mouth! Cutest alien baby face ever! Of course I said "aw how cute!" to which Diane responded "only a mother could say that is cute!" I am proud to say that as of today I am a Mother of a 7week 3day old baby who couldn't get more healthy! I look forward to finding out the sex of my little baby so I can start calling "baby" (who I sometimes call my little parasite because on the rare occasion I actually feel somewhat full, 5 min later my tummy is rumbling again!) by his/her name! And most importantly.. I can't wait for Feb. 16th 2013 to meet my little one!

July 26th 2012 we had our second Ultrasound and they got to do the one on the belly! Baby went from 1.14 cm. to 2 in.! It was also being stubborn! The tech tried to get the little fart to move but it just sat there haha. The heart rate was at 159bpm! The baby couldn't be more perfect!

August 1st. 2012 had my second doctors appointment! Doctor listened to the heart beat. Took a minute to find it. All you could hear for a while was my heart beat then all of the sudden you heard a much faster one, that was obviously baby's! Every time I hear the heart beat I am amazed and relieved! I love my little one so much already!

(Something I just realized... I was supposed to be due Feb. 26th! But I decided to come a little late. A little being 11 days... Maybe baby will be 10 days late and come on my original due date haha! This should be interesting! But the coolest part is that my baby was due the same month I originally was due in! Cool eh!?)

Edit: So today I am 12 weeks, I put up my ultrasound pictures on facebook after my second doctors appointment because I was mid 11 weeks and I have had no complications at all. No spotting or awful cramps or anything! It's been a breeze! I definitely look pregnant now! I'm going to be monstrous at 9 months haha! From now on I should be writing blogs after ultrasounds and doctors appointments so they shouldn't be this long anymore! :) I will add some pictures down here at the bottom for everyone's viewing pleasure!

Pregnancy test!

7 week baby! 1.14 cm

Heart beat 152 bpm

10 week baby 2 in.

Heart beat 159 bpm

My favorite picture! So clear and so up close and personal with Baby McDaniel

11/12 week bump!

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