Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well, Surprise!!

My little "Princess" is actually a little PRINCE! Amazing! So that road we took to find out what our little baby is, wasn't over with that last blog! Of all the people that would happen to, it would be me! (Side-note, as I type this Magoo is watching the words appear on the screen and it's oh so interesting. What sort of black magic is that Magoo!? I love my cat.... lol) So how did we find this out you ask? The story is too funny!

We had a regular scheduled ultrasound at my OB office to make sure that our little one was growing and developing the way *he* should. So we get back there and the tech was checking everything out and I decided I needed to have her double check what the sex is. As she is scanning over the privates Colin and I had the same thought as we looked at the screen... "that wasn't there last time" The tech then said "I have news for you two, you are having a boy, not a girl!" So then I showed her the picture of the "girl" parts and she said that it didn't look like girl parts at all and that she would have told us that it looks like a boy but wouldn't have given us a 100% this is what it is thing. Colin and I couldn't stop laughing haha! It was so funny! I have no complaints though. We bought one dress and that's it so it's no big loss! And I go back into this place on Tuesday, they will scan, see it's a boy and then I get either a refund or a free $155 package later in my pregnancy. I choose the free package since Mr. Angus wouldn't cooperate the first two times, maybe we can get better pictures this time :-)

So, long story short.... We are having a boy!

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