Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day in Prescott!

So this Valentines Day was our first as a married couple but our THIRD as a couple. Yeah I know, crazy! Our first and second valentines day we didn't have any money to our names so we did it small scale, this year was different! On Friday, Colin got paid, we paid all of our bills and STILL had money to burn! So Colin said "How about we go to Prescott next week?" Of course I was ALL over that! So Monday afternoon (after the longest weekend of my life haha) we headed to Prescott (Which felt like the longest drive of my life! I really wanted to go home!) Next morning we went out to breakfast with one of Colin's old coworkers so Colin could help him study for his new job. After that we went our separate ways to get stuff for each other for Valentines Day. I had already gotten him Skyrim the Saturday before so that he could play it as soon as he got it and he wouldn't have to wait till Wednesday afternoon. I still wanted to give him something other than a card ON Valentines Day (I like to spoil my husband) I had no idea what to get him though! So I enlisted the help of my Dad (smartest idea EVER). He suggested getting him a new wallet, which I thought was a genius idea. So we headed to Kohls and started the search. Long story short, we found him a really nice, cool looking, leather wallet that had a lot of storage space (which he needs). We met him at my dads office and he showed up with a beautiful arrangement of Tulips (my favorite flower). He picked the tulips out and the florist put them together. She liked the two types of tulips he picked so much that she is going to make more arrangements like that! (So if you see Yellow and red tulip arrangements in Safeway in Prescott Valley Colin came up with it just for me! Cute huh?) Now if that wasn't enough he went into Bath and Body Works by himself and got me bath salts, lotion, and a candle (that were all Vanilla Verbana, which he picked because he liked it. Probably good because he is the one that has to smell me most of the time lol) and of course he got me a card (which was SUPER sweet!) At 4 we went to dinner with my family at Prescott Brewing Company so Colin could get his favorite burger of all time, the Burmister. It was by far the best Valentines day I've ever had! I'm looking forward to many more of them with my Forever Valentine.

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