Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halfway there and Livin' on a Prayer

Well boys and girls, I've survived half of my pregnancy! Go me! Colin survived it too, but other than occasional mood swings and having to bring me home what I'm craving... correction... what ANGUS is craving..  he has had it pretty easy! Flip, I've had it pretty easy! Only one little bout of morning sickness, a few weeks of awful headaches, fatigue, and heartburn and I'm halfway done. This pregnancy is so easy! But I'm not holding my breath that the next one will be, so keep in mind that I said this was easy and feel free to rub it in my face when I'm complaining about who knows what next time around. But I feel I deserve an easy pregnancy after all the downright awful pain I felt every month for years, and the year plus I spent trying to even get pregnant! Especially due to the crazy events 76 days prior to getting pregnant. Excuse me for a second while I go knock on wood.... If I don't this pregnancy is sure to get difficult haha.

Oke doke, I'm back! So, what does being 20 weeks pregnant feel like for Hannah McDaniel? Something like this.....

Kick, kick kick, roll around, kick, roll, kick kick kick kick kick, roll.. Crap bathroom break, run! Kick kick, roll, kick...

Get the point haha? And it's only going to get more intense! I mean, I'm only halfway through! It's one of those moments where you have to decide if you will look at the glass half full or half empty. I choose half full, because even though my darling boy and his kicking sometimes keeps me awake, or makes me randomly get up off the couch and run to the bathroom, it is SO MUCH FUN to feel him wriggling around in there! The other night he was rolling around a lot (and like he is doing as I type this) and it kinda felt like someone taking their fist and rolling it around on your skin, but from the inside of my stomach... Quite bizarre but really cool! Colin was even able to feel him rolling around in there, it was pretty funny. And for a little guy (He's only the size of a small cantelope.. whatever that means lol) he has some pretty strong kicks! That makes me feel good because I know he is healthy.

On an unrelated, well unrelated to me being kicked in the stomach 24/7, the last ultrasound I had where the 3D place confirmed the mistake made by their tech. The tech who was doing this scan told me that I had GREAT amniotic fluid (aka baby pee, but good amniotic fluid is not so urine-y lol) So I told Colin that not only to I make perfect babies, but I help make great amniotic fluid. I'm a Rock-star baby making machine boys and girls!

Something else I am oh so excited about... Angus can hear me talk and sing now AND hear music from the outside! Time to break out the Mozart! I love that I'm involved in church choir so that my little man can hear his mommy sing. I can't wait till he starts responding to his Dad's voice too :)

 Me being pregnant and all, I love to watch shows like "A Baby Story" and I love it when they put the little baby on it's mom for the first time how they just cuddle up into their mom. As Brian Regan said, the first few moments of a baby's life, if you think of it from the baby's perspective, are pretty terrifying. Lets do that now, close your eyes and imagine being a baby being born... Here is how I imagine it: After months of being cuddled up in a warm comfortable place you are now being pushed out of it through something very small, then you get to the cold world, some strange person is grabbing you and everyone is cheering and excited and it's really loud, not muffled like it used to be. Then you have this cord thing that has been stuck to you for months cut off and tied up, how strange! After that you get to be with a familiar sounding voice and be cuddled and loved. That has got to be pretty comforting after all that! And even then the poor little human has to be poked and prodded and stuff. I'm glad I was too young to remember any of that!

Anyways, I think I've rambled on about baby stuff long enough! I will let you all get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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