Saturday, October 27, 2012

As Fate Would Have It!

So before I get to the fun stuff, lets get the pregnancy stuff out of the way, which is also fun, but that's not "news" anymore. Everyone knows I'm pregnant :) Today I am a whopping 24 weeks! Only 3 more till I'm in the homestretch, the THIRD trimester! And in 13 days I will only have 99 days till I meet my little Angus! I have this strange feeling he is going to come early though. Just a feeling, call it Mothers Intuition. About a week or so ago Colin and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and Angus started kicking like crazy!!! I feel him kick a lot, but this was just, different! Usually he likes to stop when Colin tries to feel but he had his hand on my tummy for a good 5-7 minutes and Angus was kicking really hard the whole time! I had to try not to laugh and ruin it because Colin's reactions were just so cute! They consisted of lots of "wow", "that was a strong one", and "geez kid!". And now to embarrass my husband a little, he admittedly had his hand on my belly one night after I fell asleep and he said that Angus was kicking pretty hard and he wondered how I was even able to sleep through it. I guess I've just got used to it :)

Here is the fun story, and the reason I have the blog title I do:

Last summer as many of you know Colin and I were working in Alaska. Well the day we found out that Colin did in fact get the job at Maverick it was right before we were getting a flight ready to go. Colin came and pulled me to the back real fast, which he rarely did unless he had something REALLY cool to tell me and told me that in December we would be moving to Henderson! Well, me being as excited as I was went back out and I was telling one of my coworkers about it. This vivacious red headed lady came up to me excitedly and told me that's where she and her husband were from! So of course we chatted and she was telling me how Vegas gets such a bad rap and that it's a terrible place for a family, etc. but that where she and her husband lived and where she grew up was actually a fantastic area. It was a place in Henderson called.... Green Valley! So the time came for groups to be formed, and I was disappointed I didn't have them in mine, but my friend had them in hers and she happened to be the Tour Attendant for.... COLIN! So I told them so they could let him know that they talked to me :) He got a break afterward the tour so the 4 of us were able to talk while they waited for their bus. We exchanged information and said goodbye. After the moves I lost the stuff with their information (moving from AK to WA and then WA to NV is a lot of miles to travel, easy for things to get lost!) Time has passed and this morning I got an email from Debi (the vivacious red head haha) and she was asking if we ended up in Vegas (Henderson=Vegas haha) and that she and her husband hoped that we got settled well and that they were thinking of us and would love to get together and do dinner if we were in Vegas! So of course, I emailed her back telling her we would love to get together! Now, looking back at the place we ended up due to their suggestions was the place we were supposed to live. The Stake we live in is amazing and the Ward is even more amazing! Just more proof to me that Heavenly Father puts people in the right place at the right time to help us along the way. In this case our "angels" were Debbi and Darrell! Without them who knows where we would have ended up. The choice to live in Green Valley literally has affected almost every choice we've made, including getting our sweet kitties! And now, we have the chance to keep nurturing a relationship with them! Who knows what else the future holds!

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  1. I totally thought Paisley would comr early too and so did all of the doctors and nurses my body had been trying to get her out twords the end of march and I was dialating and effacing way early with a breech baby but she just wouldnt come!! Finally the dr realized that she would not come on her own (she was breech any way) hopefully your baby will come early! Not too early though!! Im so excited for you!!!