Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday Fun and Moving Torture and a few little updates!

Well, I got to celebrate my birthday for almost an entire week! Started off the Monday before when we drove to my parents place. Now a month or so earlier, my microphone on my phone stopped working so I had to get a bluetooth. When we were stopped in Boulder City getting gas we decided to switch and let me drive to PV since I would have to make the drive alone on the way back. I tried to get my sunglasses out of my purse and they were stuck on something, so of course I did something really stupid and pulled on them really hard and ripped my bluetooth charger in half! Of course! That would happen to me! So it was decided that Tuesday we would go get me a new bluetooth charger or if we couldn't find one, a new bluetooth. Tuesday morning my Dad was changing the name of his Real Estate company so I went with him to help him get the signs out, put new ones up and sign the paperwork for the name change while Colin went to do his flight physical he has to do every year. Once he was done he came and picked me up and we headed off to Best Buy to get my charger/bluetooth. So here we are looking and looking and we learned that they didn't sell replacement bluetooth chargers! They didn't even have the bluetooth I wanted and I figured that if I had to get a whole new one, might as well get the same kind so both me and Colin could have a bluetooth or that I could just have a back up one and they could just share a charger. So we are standing there trying to figure out our next move when Colin said "We might as well just get you your birthday present now! Lets go to Sprint and find you a new phone. Do you want an Iphone or a different type of smart phone?" Boy did that throw me for a loop! We had talked about him getting his upgrade soon and me getting his old phone, but the sneaky boy used that as a cover up so I couldn't guess my present haha. He is so good to me :) So, I got an Iphone! Then we went to lunch at Fuddruckers where my parents gave me a beautiful real pearl necklace (just one pearl on it. It was in a setting called the tulip or something like that, and those are my favorite flowers) with matching earrings. Absolutely gorgeous! Then we went and picked up a few gifts for my BFF Robin who's birthday is a month earlier then mine. I had been planning a surprise double birthday party for the two of us, not a surprise for me obviously, but for her it was! She had no clue ;) I rock like that! Colin and I made a dinner of Pork chops, garlic mashed potato, and creamed broccoli. It was a hit! For dessert my Dad made his dutch oven peach cobbler which was AMAZING! Then we opened gifts and Robin, Emma and I watched Emperors New Groove together, quoting almost every line.

Wednesday we got up, went and got the U Haul and our first stop was at my Dads office to get our new table and chairs! Then we headed to my parents and packed everything else up and we hit the road! After a 4 hour drive (with the only thing I saw the entire trip was a big U Haul truck in front of me.  How boring is that?) we got home and started to get all of the stuff out of the truck and into our apartment (we felt like we had a pretty big place until we got all our boxes into our apartment lol). What a long day. We had the Elders Quorum President come help us move the big things in, but other than that we did it all ourselves! By the end of it we were both tired and grouchy. We tried to return the truck, but we were so tired we couldn't find the drop box for the keys! So we took it back home and turned in for the night. Next day when we returned the truck.... we found the drop slot... in the door. Right where we were looking.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do, we are going to move most of the boxes into the storage place around the corner from us. It's a slow process but it will get done eventually. Thankfully we have OUR bed back now :) That is the sliver lining to the whole thing!

Also, in an earlier post I told y'all that Colin and I were trying to get pregnant. It has now been almost 11 months of trying. Next month we will have insurance so I am going to go to the doctor, but we are no longer officially trying. If it happens, it happens. Colin is going to have to work a really busy summer and I just need a break from the stress of it all.

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